What's Smartichoke?


Hunt for words hidden among the petals of the Smartichoke!

The goal in Smartichoke is to find words that are at least four letters in length in the petals available. You can select letters from any petal, but connected letters help you earn bonuses and disconnected letters lead to penalties!


  • Penalty and bonus petals add strategy to word selection.
  • Earn bonus points for spelling longer words, repeat streaks, target words, and clearing as many petals as possible.
  • Rotate the Smartichoke at any time. (Seeing the letters from different angles can help with spotting words.)
  • Statistics like highest score, level, longest word, highest scoring word, and repeat streak are automatically saved.
  • Swaps are earned (or can be purchased) to replace any letter with new, randomly chosen letters.
  • Your game is automatically saved to continue playing later.

Smartichoke is free to play, but it's limited to words that are less than nine letters in length (about 54,000 words). You can unlock Smartichoke for 99¢ (USD), which lets you submit any of the 112,000+ words available! (Fun fact: the longest word is 45 letters long.)

Amazon Underground

Kindle Fire Android

On Amazon Underground, unlocking Smartichoke and getting swaps is completely FREE!

Amazon Underground is available on both Kindle Fire and Android devices. (On Android devices, you'll first need to install Amazon Underground.)

Latest Tips

Smartichoke Tip #2: Target WordsTarget words are basically extra goals you can use to earn bonus points, or just something to work towards if you're stuck! The words are generated at the start of each game of Smartichoke. When a target word is submitted, a new one is chosen to replace it. You can view your target list at any time by clicking the bullseye () in the top-right corner of the screen. The longer the word, the more bonus points you earn! Example #1Let's start with a completely new game. Continue reading...
Smartichoke Tip #1: Bonuses and PenaltiesSmartichoke's manual has information on how bonus and penalty petals work, but let's expand on it with some examples! To recap, petals start at a normal shade and are worth 100 points. Petals also earn bonuses (green) and penalties (red), which also affect their point values: Bonuses and penalties are all about connected letters! You can select letters from any petal, but connected letters help you earn bonuses and disconnected letters lead to penalties. Continue reading...
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