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World War I: Planet Earth comes to Global Triumph


ImagePlanet Earth has come to Global Triumph!

World War I begins with 198 countries and their capitals, exactly as they exist today!

This amazing new world incorporates the following new features:

  • Predetermined Countries. Players can claim a single existing country on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Declaration of War. All countries begin with 28 day treaties, which means peace will exist until a player declares war.
  • Sector-Based Alliance Limits. Alliances are limited by sector totals rather than the number of countries, which allows a larger group of smaller countries to join forces.
  • Capital Restoration. A player can capture and restore a fellow alliance member's capital, even after their country has been eliminated. Having a country's back has never carried so much weight!
  • Revised Attack Algorithm. Global Triumph now uses a new Gaussian attack algorithm, adding more unpredictability to attacks.

Country selection begins !

Be sure to mark your calendars, set a reminder, or sign up to receive a reminder e-mail on Sunday, September 27th.

You can help promote this exciting new world on social media by sharing this article, the World War I teaser, and your own comments and photos using the hashtag: #gtworldwar

If you have friends who may be interested in playing, please share an Introduction to Global Triumph.

World War I is just the beginning in a new World War series. Let's spread the word and make each new world even more dynamic, entertaining, and full of epic battles than the last!


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